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Product Name: Steroids Testosterone Acetate for Bodybuilder CAS 1045-69-8 (ge
CAS No: 1045-69-8
Product Type: Organic Chemicals and Derivatives -> Others
Product spec: Testosterone Acetate
Packing: foil bag
Place Of Supplier:
Price: Inquire
Quantity: Inquire
Valid Period: 2018-10-24
Description: Factory direct supply with anabolic steroid raw material, including: Testosterone Series Boldenone Series Nandrolone Series Trenbolone Series Oxandrolone / Anavar Oxymetholone / Anadrol Stanozolol / Winstrol Methandienone / Dianabol etc. MOQ: 1G ONLY Email: genesbiotech at gmail dot com. Contact me if you are interested in.
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